So much is happening all the time. I feel like I never have even a brief moment to stop and take stock of things. I work a lot and honestly I waste all my nice words and kind gestures at work. This is why I don’t see anyone anymore I don’t know that could muster enough energy to be nice to anyone. Sad but true.

I am reeling at the fact that in exactly one month kyra will be a year old. How did that happen? Time really is getting away from me.

The big kids both passed their respective years at school. Well Mycaela passed, Haedyn did so so so well I could not be happier and two certificates including one for neatness and diligence. Clearly my kid yes.

I have so many thoughts flying around my head and I desperately need to put them into words to make sense of things but right now I’m not sure I have the presence of mind to get it all together.

This post is disjointed and doesn’t make much sense guess my way of letting the world know I’m still alive and stuff. I’ll come back when it makes more sense.