100 Things about me

Well, an attempt at 100 things, here goes…

1.  I am a 20 something mom of four

2.  I had my first child just before I turned 17 and was in standard nine

3.  I still went back to school after having taken a term off, and passed matric with three distinctions 🙂

4.  I am a total control freak

5.  I have  a wee doglet named Aries.

6.  I love languages, and pick them up fairly easily

7.  I have two sisters and a brother, none of which I am particularly close to

8.  That said, don’t fuck with them, I WILL kill you

9.  I talk A LOT

10.  I work in the beauty industry

11.  I recently stopped smoking, for no reason other than it no longer appeals to me

12.  I am engaged to the man I am certain I will be waking up next to in 60 years time

13.  My fiance frustrates me more than any other person on the planet

14.  He also *gets* me like no one ever has

15.  I like rock music primarily, but it is not unknown for me to belt out a few pop songs

16.  Classical music makes my brain hum, this is a habit I picked up during art classes in high school, we used to listen to classical music while doing practical work.  Now if I get busy while listening to it, I totally zone out until the task at hand is complete.

17.  I love art.  I can spend hours dissecting works from all eras and could happily spend a week camped in the Louvre just to make sure I saw everything 🙂

18.  I am as impatient as people come, I walk fast, talk fast and think fast, clearly expecting other people to do the same is asking too much.

19.  I loathe people who have had one child and consider themselves child care experts.

20.  I also hate people who act like the first person ever to have a kid or get married etc you are not.  It is ok to be happy.  But conversation topics do need to be varied please.

21.  My natural hair colour is dark brown.  My hair has been every colour you could imagine.

22.  I am not religious.  I have my reasons.  Do not bible bash with me or I will bash you with my car.

23.  I have hazel eyes.  Sometimes more green, sometimes more brown.  I get a lot of compliments on my eyes.

24.  I have a really good general knowledge and can spend hours sprouting useless and interesting facts if given the chance.

25.  I keep my inner circle very small.  If you have seen me without make up on it must mean that I intend for us to be friends for a very long time.

26.  Despite my loud mouth and larger than life persona, I am actually horribly insecure

27.  I am not a “pretty girl”

28.  That said I do take care to maintain my grooming and dress according to my body shape, or to hide the fat rolls, whatever.

29.  I love food, and I love to cook, reason for fat rolls.

30.  Tomatoes are quite an odd food for me, at times I love them and at times I hate them, just a phase thing  I do.

31.  I love high heel shoes, completely

32.  My favourite colour is green

33.  I love cars, in a big way, and can even talk cars with boys

34.  I do not play computer/video games ever.  I cannot even play Circus Charlie circa 1992, so I believe this is just not my thing.

35.  I can sing, quite well actually, and have won more than a few karoke competitions in my time

36.  I am a total light weight when it comes to drinking.  I think mostly because it doesn’t appeal anymore.  Maybe I am just growing up.

37.  My mother and I have never been and will never be close.

38.  I am a big dreamer

39.  I am in the process of planning a book.

40.  I know I was born to write

41.  I am without a doubt an all or nothing type person

42.  I have very unconventional ideas about parenting and my kids are pretty well mannered despite my insanity.

43.  I was always a Daddy’s girl, when my dad died so did my innosence

44.  The song “Bitch” by Meredith Brookes is the song I feel best describes me

45.  If I could meet any person, living or dead, I would want to meet William Shakespeare, purely to see if he was a genius or utterly insane.

46.  I long, to the very depth of my soul, to learn to speak Italian and to live in Italy, even for a short while

47.  The only one of my children who looks anything like me is my older daughter and she is the mirror image only with cute dimples and eyelashes that go on forever

48.  Where I am olive in complexion and my hair is dark, both of my sons are very fair with blonde hair and blue eyes.

49.  Most of the men in my family have blue eyes and most of the women have brown eyes.

50.  My bestest best fragrance is Stella Nude by Stella Mc Cartney

51.  My star sign is Cancer

52.  Our family shares only three star signs.  D and Monster are both Geminis and myself, The Princess and Squishy are all Cancerians.  Imagine the moods 🙂 Now we also have a little Capricorn to mix things up 🙂

53.  I prefer my coffee strong and sweet with lots of milk.

54.  I am seriously addicted to Coca Cola.  Seriously.

55.  My favourite time of day is dusk.

56.  I have unusually large feet and wear a size 8 shoe, irks me that I battle to find shoes I love in my size.

57.  I detest shopping centres, totally and completely and avoid the larger ones as far as possible.

58.  I am not into branded clothing.  I  insist on brands for skin, hair and cosmetics but clothing not so much.

59.  I love trashy reality TV.  It is my guily pleasure.  Jerseylicious and Kardashians make me feel so grounded and normal 🙂

60.  I am a huge Elvis fan

61. I have learned all my lessons the hard way, likely always will

62. I spend too much time in my own mind, trying to decipher things, which generally leads to creating problems that do not exist.

63. By the time our family is complete in January 2012, we will have four children, two boys, two girls, in the order boy, girl, boy girl.  I will have two pigeon pairs, something I am quite chuffed with.

64. I can count on one hand the amount of people outside of D and my children who I will kill for.

65. My cynical side is finely tuned, and results from a broad based life experience, which in large part has left me jaded.

66. I detest people who take advantage of other people. Most days I fear there is no hope for the human race at large.

67. Love matters. More than anything. I have love and give it, but only to those select few who I feel deserve it.

68. I believe being Mom is the single most important job in the world.

69. I belive that being Mom is also the single most difficult job in the world.

70. Few smells make me as happy as puppy breath

71. I am growing my hair with the intention of donating it to make wigs for cancer patients on my 30th birthday.

72. Though I have four children I find I am not a text book mom, each kid is different and so is parented differently.

73. I am also not a preachy mom who gives unsolicited parenting advice.

74. I am a really good driver and have done an advanced driving course

75. If I could have one material thing it would be a new car

76. I am torn between having a wedding and just getting married at Home Affairs, I* believe wanting a wedding and wanting to be married are two different things.

77. I am not difficult to get along with as I tend to adapt well to my surroundings

78. I prefer savory food to sweet things

79. My grandmother on my Dad’s side died when I was 7 and I never met my grandfather as he died long before I was born

80. My grandmother on my Mom’s side was the only grand parent I was ever even slightly close to, she died 5 years ago.

81. My Mom’s dad and I do not see eye to eye on most things, in fact 27 years later he still cannot spell my name right :/

82. I do not get cold easily and prefer winter to summer

83. The quieter I am during a fight, the more afraid you should be. If I am shouting I am not that angry its when I get quiet that you should leave.

84. I am not naturally athletic. In fact I am not athletic at all

85. Gym as a result is HARD. I do not get the happy fulfilled feeling from it. But the results are worth it.

86. I am not a sports fan though I do watch some sport, mostly cos D is a fanatic.

87. I believe in hard work and humility

88. I believe all people should be treated the same way regardless of age, race, social standing etc. Treat your petrol attendant with the same respect you would offer your boss.

89. I believe in miracles but also that they exist in the small things and are not always glaringly obvious.

90. I do not understand complacency, I always try to do better

91. Often when I am feeling down I talk myself out of it. I remind myself of the good and try to avoid focussing on the bad

92. The thing I most want my children to be is nice. It may sound stupid but I don’t want to be responsible for adding to the world’s areshole population.

93. While I believe first impressions matter I tend to want to not form an impression right away, looks can be deceiving and I have been wrong more than once.

94. The one thing my children WILL do which is not negotiable is get an education. Once they have a degree/diploma/trade certificate I will consider my job done ie I have given them all they need to make a success of their lives. Until that point I will not entertain any nonsense.

95. I spend a lot of time feeling as though no one understands me

96. I am not a natural at anything. I am not graceful or effortless, in fact I can make most things look painfully difficult.

97. I am INCREDIBLY clumsy

98. I internalise things, its a bad habit. When I fight with someone they are likely to get six months worth of stuff I have been playing over and over in my head.

99. Despite having gone through some pretty dark times I have never considered myself depressed or felt the need to take any mood altering drugs. I am proud of this cos there are times it would havebeen so easy to give in and take a pill to feel better rather than live through the pain.

100. No matter what, I am grateful for every step down every path that has lead me to here.


3 thoughts on “100 Things about me

  1. Good, and interesting post . I too , had my children at a very young age. I was 16 , and by 20 turning 21 had my last baby. They are grown up now , I didn’t regret it then , or now .

    Take Care

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