On having a wish list

So the wonderfully patient and lovely Charlotte over at The stiletto mum has arranged this year’s blogger secret Santa. Job well done!

I know I am late to the party and all but I am bad at getting gifts and making lists of things I want as my wants seldom feature in my list making.

Without further ado the things I would like are like such

1. Nail varnish. Any type or colour. It’s my current obsession.

2.  Pretty necklaces. I love silver and pretty charms etc. I also like small earrings but am not a bangle person.

3. Stationery. Any type. Love the stuff.

4. Cute socks. I seem to lose socks at the most unreal rate.

5.  Hair accessories. Just no feathers Iraq animal print please. Prefer shiny or flowers.

As a side note, I am a complete snob about beauty products so prefer not to receive skin or bath products as gifts.

That is me. Will post a catch up soonest.