365 days gone way too fast

I should have posted this yesterday but instead spent the day absorbing in complete awe the wonder that is my youngest child.

A year ago you arrived quietly and calmly to two very anxious parents, we had waited so long to meet you! I got the briefest look at you before you were whipped off to the NICU. When I got to hold you at last, your heartbeat stabilised and your oxygen levels shot up. You just needed mommy. That seems to have set the tone for our first year together.

You may look like your daddy but you are mommy’s girl through and through. Your first word was mamma and no one else exists to you if I am in the room.

You are the happiest and sweetest little person I know. You seldom moan or cry and you are always happy to see the people you love. Such a perfect fit in our family. Your brothers dote on you and your sister would never put you down if we left it to her. Even our four legged family members can’t get enough of your busy hands and high pitched squeals.

As we celebrate your first year you can say mamma, dada, door, light, kaka, Haedyn, lala (mycaela) and ake (Blake)
Your smile lights up our home and the sound of your giggles fill us with joy. You are crawling everywhere and starting to pull yourself up and cruise around furniture. You adore your fluffy moose and your Violet bear and can’t eat enough cheese curls.

It’s been a crazy year but you are without doubt the best part of all of it. The way you rest tour head on my chest and look up at me with those pansy blue eyes, the way you put your arms up and bounce when  I walk into a room and the way you giggle when  I give you Eskimo kisses are all things I am going to miss as you get older.

My only wish is that the next year goes a little slower because I’m not ready for you to grow up.

Happiest of happy birthdays to you my baby noo noo bug. I hope we have many more to share. I love you more than all the stars in the sky and bigger than the moon. Thank you for choosing me to be your mommy x


Well hello there new year.

So just like that 2012 is over and 2013 has begun. We had a quiet new year st home just D and I as the clock ticked over to twelve. We wished each other and went to bed. It was just perfect actually.

Looking back it would be so hard to round up everything that happened last year. So much and at the same time it feels like nothing.

We started 2012 with a bang and welcomed our beautiful baby girl in January. Without doubt my high light. We moved into my mother’s house at the end February with good intentions then left in a less than delightful way in August after what I  determined will be the last fight I ever have with my mother.

For the first time I genuinely and fiercely stood up for myself and my family. I walked away from the negative relationship with my mother and honestly cannot describe the peace it has brought to my life.

Haedyn entered double digits this year and did so well and made us very proud. I am amazed constantly at how gentle and kind and generous he is. He is a big help and I only wish get would stop growing up so damned fast.

Mycaela was our challenge kid wise. She needs a little more patience and a lit more attention than the others. She lives in her own world send tends not to function too well in ours. That said she is very sweet and has a way of endearing herself to others. I truly hope we are ready for the next phase though.

Blake has really come into his own this year. He had the most incredible sense of humour and an opinion on everything. He is a really good big brother who adores his baby sister and loves his nanny. Still very much daddy’s boy though. He us adamant he will go to school this year and my only condition isnhe needs to be done with nappies first. We are just about there now.

Kyra was the perfect addition to our family. I have watched her grow from a tiny squishy baby to this delightful little person who loves the dogs and her siblings and who is very attached to mommy. She doesn’t grump and is always smiling and chatting and her big blue eyes light up whenever one of us is around. She really is a joy to have around.

D and I somehow still love each other. We survived another two moves, countless challenges, a new baby and my mother and made it out together. Its not easy but it’s so worth it. I think once you’ve survived what we have forever doesn’t seem so long cos frankly I can’t imagine life without him.

On that note though…we are moving to cape town next year. D leaves the end of January and we only leave in May. Four months apart 😦 it’s going to be super hard so feel free to send gifts of whiskey and chocolate.

The plus side is that we’re moving because I am being promoted. At long last. So I imagine life in the cape holds many a good thing for us.

My biggest lesson I think over the last year has been that I am capable of what I set my mind to. I deserve the good things in my life and I am allowed to be happy.

For the new year I have big goals and bug plans all of which I embrace and look forward to.

I wish each of you enough difficulty that you may grow, enough challenges that you may learn and so much love that none of it matters anyway.

Happy new year.