ramblings of random

So you know what happens while you aren’t paying attention? That sneaky thing called life. Don’t get me wrong here, life has been good, maybe too good judging by how tight my jeans are right now *quietly whimpers* but how in the name of all that is holy does everything happen so fast?

Wasn’t my baby a baby, like yesterday? When the hell did she get old enough to say, “Mamma, I want you. I want cuddles” ?! Undeniably cute yes but wasn’t she just cooing and gargling ten seconds ago?

Also please note that while absent from blogging, Haedyn turned 11 (the age of horror, more on that later) Mycaela turned 9, Blake is now 4 (what?!!) D is 31 (HAHAHA geriatric) and I turned 28 (getting awfully close to 30 now *gulp*) I have no idea what is happening to me right now. Since I have resigned I seldom wear make-up, this would come as a huge shock for anyone who knows me, I brush my hair maybe three times a week (seriously) and am now one of those moms doing the school runs in track pants and slops. Also I drive what is essentially a station wagon. I am sure the ever-ambitious 16 year old me who was going to be a hard core news journalist just died as I typed that. Is it perhaps time to embrace the fact that I am in fact mommy first, everything else after. Not what I ever expected but I have come to realize title, money and material things don’t hold the appeal for me they once did. I am embracing simplicity and family and have honestly never felt more at peace.

That said I am so not going to pretend being home and playing house is easy. I think being a stay at home or work from home mom is the most under-rated and difficult option in this already very hard parenting journey. Yesterday for example, I had a million things to do but Kyra wasn’t feeling well so I was not allowed to put her down for a second. I opted for the doctor route to ensure this phase was over sooner rather than later. At the doctor’s office she kicked, screamed, pinched, pulled hair, scratched and smacked me for the almost two hours it took to see the doctor and fill a prescription just to demonstrate how unhappy she was with the arrangement. She had a ten minute power nap and woke up full of beans and now wanting to play. I was not allowed to touch my computer or she resorted to high pitched screams. Then a quick trip to Pick n Pay, collect Mycaela from school, shove a cake in the oven, you know to at least look like I achieved something, back in the car to collect Haedyn from cricket, he took his dear sweet time, cake over cooked * sad face*, get homework done, start dinner, get kids into bath, get baby out of bath and dressed ( could teach those WWE guys a thing or two about moves after this) check dinner and sit down for five minutes before having to do the rounds reminding kids to get out of the bath, get dressed, tidy bedrooms and please just BE QUIET! Around this time D walks in and asks how my day went. Did I do xyz and have I had a chance to do abc…at which point I seriously consider drinking an entire bottle of whiskey hiding in my cupboard.

To be fair though its not all bad. I do love the snuggles with the two little ones in our bed every morning. I actually enjoy doing homework with the older two. Haedyn is much happier now that he can play every sport since there is someone to fetch and cattu him everywhere and I am feeling better for being around. For not having so much ego to deal with all the time.

I am in the process of re-launching my make-up business with added services which will operate essentially like a mobile beauty salon. In home, make-up, facials, nails, manicures, pedicures and in time hair styling as well. I get to work in the industry I love without any corporate nonsense and on my own terms.

We are also launching another business soon as well and I have an idea or two for other things to occupy my time, so watch this space for developments.

We are still planning our wedding for March next year and that is all on track though I will admit I am a little (read a lot) disappointed at the lack of interest and help in any form from those we have asked to be part of the day. In fact my sister, who is a bridesmaid, suggested I do the bridal party’s make-up as I said the person doing mine cannot do theirs as well. Yes really. I wish for once it could just be about me. One day is all I ask.

I don’t even know if I will get a bridal shower or anything of the like, my maid of honour will only be up two days before the wedding and I am not sure my sisters will plan anything. I may have to plan it myself if I wanna do anything. I will admit to being a bit jealous when I hear D’s brother talk about planning his bachelor party, he is so amped and excited…


I do not want to get caught up in the negative here…it is going to be a beautiful day filled with the people we love most and many things worth celebrating.

For the time being I am going to make the most of a sleeping baby and get some work done 🙂