On life getting in the way

Yes well, I would love to say I have been on some lavish holiday somewhere getting a tan and consuming my body weight in cocktails, alas, I have just been trudging on as we do. In true lazy spirits I am going to resort to bullet points 🙂

  • I have, as of this week, gone back to gym. When I weighed myself I felt as though I had been winded so it is time.
  • Gym is HARD when you haven’t been for almost a year.
  • I cannot believe at 10 weeks, our baby bug weighs a whopping 6.2kgs 😮
  • Our current living arrangement is tough, our intentions were good, still are, but shoowee at times I regret this move so much I could cry.
  • I was on Espirie to help me with milk production, I say was because I read the prescribing information and promptly stopped taking them, that and they were making me put on weight.
  • As a result I believe we are close to the end of our breastfeeding adventure. I would have liked to breastfeed longer but refuse to take anti psychotic mediction that affects my sleep, weight and moods to do it.
  • My health is important. No unhealthy person can raise kids. Thus my health matters more than breastfeeding right now. Clearly she is is no danger of starving so I refuse to worry too much about this.
  • The toddler is at a very interesting age. Everything is look here Mommy, mine, give me and hey. He is however still incredibly sweet and I am totally loving the time at home with him.
  • I feel really out of the loop lately. I hardly go on Twitter or Facebook and seldom leave the house. I think I am just appreciating the time I have at home while I still have it. Returning to work looms in the not too distant future and I know that is going to be hard.
  • Our nanny is going on leave for three weeks starting today. I am under no false pretense that I will manage four kids and housework on my own, so we have a stand in. I think Squish may die a little, he does love Annie so very much.
  • I think somwhere along the line over the last year I did a big load of growing up. My sister phoned yesterday and asked if she could have the three bigger kids for a visit on Saturday, and I said yes. I said yes because life is too short to fight and be nasty. I still think she owes me an apology, I am in no way making what she did ok, but I won’t fight with her anymore. Also, my kids love her and so I would be putting them in the middle of something that really isn’t about them if I were to fight.
  • A few interesting new developments are about to start in my life, good ones I am sure and a nice challenge which I really need right now
  • D is busy with something that could well change many things in our life, for now I remain optimistic and just hope, for so many reasons he gets it right.
  • Selfish behavior is soul destroying, I see this more every day.

So that’s my story for this cold and cloudy day, more next time 🙂


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