Well hi there 2012, nice to meet you :)

Wow, I hve been away fopr a very long time indeed.  So much has happened and then it often feels like absolutely nothing has happened at all.  I am going to chicken out of this big update by reverting to bullet points :p

  • I started the year by going on maternity leave, it was needed and started a little early at the insistence of my HR director.
  • The BIGGIE, on Saturday 14 January and a quarter past eight in the morning, we welcomed the final member of our family.  Miss Kyra Saige Nash-Beresford was born weighing a healthy 3.8.46kg and 53cm long.  She has her dad’s blue eyes and his chin and mouth and is a bundle of cute and awesome (her birth story to follow soon)
  • I have spent some time healing from surgery, adjusting to less sleep and learning to be a mom of 4.
  • We moved last weekend.  It was hard.  I am exhausted.
  • D and I are slowly getting back to loving each other.  It sounds strange but when you consider no sex for over 2 months, less sleep, more stress and lots of goings on, it would put a strain on any relationship.  Today I love him, tomorrow morning at 2am, when he takes too long with a nappy change may be a different story 😛
  • I am REALLY out of the loop.  I spend my time staring at my baby daughter and playing with my toddler.  I can otherwise be found doing homework or the school run or taking kids to the dentist etc.  I do not miss work one bit yet.

I know this isnt much, but it is a start and I will make an active effort to update more from now on.  What’s news though?  What have i missed?


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