Update the lazy way ;p

So since my brain is completely incapable of anything that lasts beyond 30 seconds I am cheating and doing a bullet point catch up thingy.

  • It is 14 weeks (possibly less) until #BabyNB makes her grand appearance.  I am nowhere near ready for this and would like to know where exactly the time has gone.
  • Work is becoming increasingly difficult for me these days.  I am finding it near impossible to stay awake past lunch time and my enjoyment for the job died sometime between finding out I am pregnant and now.
  • That said I have a plan for when I get back from maternity leave, I fully intend to stick to it and with a little luck, and some bashing down of doors, I believe I will end next year on a much higher note work wise.
  • My children are currently giving me a good insight into what having teenagers is going to be like, suffice to say I am not impressed and am rethinking my ‘genius’ plan of having big kids and little ones.
  • My two year old keeps me sane. As crazy as that may sound, we do not have the terrible twos in our house and in fact my two year old is easily the sweetest and most polite child I have ever met.  He is a ray of sunshine who makes much of the crap in my day worth it.
  •  I have realized this whole being a couple thing is far more challenging than most people realize. Having to consider another person’s feeling in absolutely everything you do is exhausting.  Having to deal with someone else’s moods and worry and fear is daunting at best.  That said, what we have is priceless, imperfectly, perfect for us.
  • We have decided to scale down drastically on Christmas this year.  Nothing over the top or expensive.  I have some debt I would like settled before the baby arrives and we need to slow down on expenses in preparation for my being on maternity leave.
  • On the note of maternity leave, I have never before taken the full four months to stay home with my babies.  I always had to go back to work early to make ends meet etc.  As a result I am SO looking forward to having that time with my little girl knowing full well she is my last baby and knowing how fast they grow up, I intend to spend many hours just enjoying her.
  • With a huge amount of help from my brother in law, we will eventually be getting a new car.  I am so insanely relieved at the prospect and honestly  having a good giggle that I, who never wanted children, am shopping for a seven seater family car.
  • There are still people in my life who make me question the human race at large. People who are unwilling or unable to take responsibility for their own stuff. People who take people and things for granted. People who have no concept of priorities. I am however learning to distance myself. I have so much going on in my own life right now that I honestly do not have the time or patience to take on other people’s problems.
  • I am currently in the planning phase of something that is very close to my heart. Tracy has given me some info, as the starting point from where I am growing my plans. I am in the part where I am sourcing information and resources to be able to do this properly. I am reading, I am asking and pretty soon will be looking for help to bring the Young Mom’s Support concept to Johannesburg. If anyone is interested in contributing in any way, please contact me on lynstep@gmail.com.
  • I guess the crux of everything is that regardless of your intentions, your plans or your issues, life goes on. Time keeps moving and when things are bad, they are only temporary, when things are good this is also true.


So not much happening in my world since I have Young Mom’s Support to plan and work on and my porridge brain doesn’t allow for anything too complex right now. I’ll go back to quietly lurking now J


3 thoughts on “Update the lazy way ;p

  1. Everything sounds like it’s going well with you 🙂

    As Christmas goes, scaling down is something myself and my parents have done for a while now. I still get them each something small despite our agreement that we’ll get no gifts (they raised me, I feel they deserve medals) and either have a huge home cooked meal or go somewhere really neat for lunch/dinner on the day.

  2. I know I hated it when people said this to me but it feels like you have been pregnant for ages!!!

    We are also going small for Christmas.

    And I totally get the “considering someone” thing – I was single for so long (well it felt long) that I got so used to just making a decision on how I felt!

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