On a chilly day in May

I have been completely pathetic at keeping up posts on this blog, to be completely honest now that I get paid to write it seems to have taken some of the joy out of it for me which is incredibly sad I know.

Life is marching on and the wedding is now actually going to be a wedding, we have bridesmaid and groomsmen and a venue for which the deposit has been paid.  I have chosen fabric for the bridesmaids’ dresses and have bought the pattern for my dress, suddenly the fact that we are getting married is so *real*  I swing between total girly *squee* excitement and this really anxious place where forever kinda scares me.

My sister and D’s brother are both going through divorces right now which almost makes planning a wedding seem a bit out of place.  At the same time so many times before we have put off doing stuff because some family member would be offended etc and after a brief reality check involving my mom and my brother this weekend I am over it.  It is our wedding, we are paying for it and it is about us, screw everyone else right now.

We have walked a long and rather bumpy road to the point where we stand together at the alter and vow to love each other forever and frankly our family, him, me and our children, that is what matters, nothing and no one else, not this time.

Life is finally starting to look up for us, we are managing, even if not much more than that, to get through each month financially while also making contributions to the cost of the wedding, this is a big step forward if you consider where we were a year ago.

On the topic of money, I am working pretty freaking hard to earn extra and as such am doing a lot of extra work.  On the 4th of June we are having an event, where you will be fully made up by me and then go on to have a min photo shoot with a photographer, this will cost *only* R500.00.  Seriously, honestly, this is a bargain and every woman deserves to have an index of pictures of herself looking drop dead beautiful.  Consider it seriously, we have limited time slots so book early ok?  You will get all your edited images on a disk a week after the shoot 🙂

It is going to be awesome, I swear! 

Also I am doing make-up lessons at hugely discounted rates as well in fact go and check out my website at www.bountifulbeauty.yolasite.com for services and pricing, matric farewell season is here and I offer great discount rates for group bookings, so if you perhaps know someone please direct them to my site?

Right now I am happy, I am busy but I am incredibly happy.  Despite the children seeming to be a little more time consuming with being in trouble etc and despite some unpleasant behaviour from our nanny.  At the beginning and at the end it comes down to us and having each other and having love.  That is incredible.  That makes me warm from the inside out and that is what keeps me focussed 😉


2 thoughts on “On a chilly day in May

  1. The event on the 4th is currently one of the things making me go *squee*. Seriously can’t wait.

    I’m looking at your website and seriously considering some lessons (you’ll see how badly I fail at makeup when I come for the shoot). I hope there’s a month or 2 still for me to save up for the lessons before your wedding. Seriously. Seriously. I can only manage foundation and mascara. Eye shadow … LOL

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