Six years and brain farts

Things are constantly beginning, ending and just going with the flow. No matter how much you are hurting other people laugh. No matter how happy or excited you are other people scowl and judge and are mean. So many times I have heard that the world does not revolve around me and how true that actually is.

Today marks six years since D’s dad shot himself in his bedroom at lunch time on Friday afternoon.  It has been six years since D walked into that room and found his hero, still with a pulse, still warm to the touch, mere moments from death.  This day six years ago changed D, shook his world, hurt him more than anything else ever has and I believe more than anything ever will.  Six years ago he lost his father, he lost his hero and he lost his best friend.  My heart aches for the man I love today.  I wish I could take all his pain away and steal the image of his dad’s body from his mind.  I can’t.  Instead, rather uncharacteristically, I will be sympathetic and nice, all day, even when he irritates me.

Also, in an aside.  Norman, though we never met, thank you.  Thank you for being the man you were and for being the father you were.  If not for your character and your beliefs I would not have the most incredible man who is your son to love.  So although you are not here now, your sons both would make you so proud, they are great men.  D is a great father and B will be too.  Thank you!

The move is happening in two days, I have yet to actually do anything to facilitate this actually happening, shocking I know but I am having a grand old time playing ostrich right now.  I have every intention of going home this evening, pouring a BIG glass of wine and getting to the packing but I am also very tired, so only time will tell if this will in fact happen.  I am very excited to move now, just want it to be over with so I can veg  on my new poofy couches and drink wine in my pyjamas like a grown up J

I am currently doing a lot to get my make-up business going, my website will go live within the next few days, I REALLY wanna have some bloggers come through for an awesome morning of make-up tea and gossip, my treat, so we can take some pics for my website and hopefully create a bit of buzz around the whole concept and business.  I love doing make-up and think every woman should have a few awesome make up tricks in her bag.  I have such great stories and knowledge to share.  Also, my freelance work is gonna help feed my kids…LOL.

Today has been tedious to say the least, I seem to have lost my motivation to be at work and am finding being nice all the time draining.  I am sure this will pass and get better, and next week I will go back to gym which I know for certain will help.  It’s just getting there that is the problem.

I see now to have run out of things to say, will be back when I can manage more than a brain fart


2 thoughts on “Six years and brain farts

  1. Oh how terrible sad 😦 Shame man what an aweful thing for any person to have to live through 😦

    MAYBE you could do my make up for my maternity shoot – I need all the help I can get to look proper – currently I look blotchy and yuk!

  2. Will do your make-up with pleasure 🙂 I LOVE preggy shoots!

    I dare say though, for the pain he has lived through, he is an incredible man. He needed to be hurt to find himself and though it was extremely hard I know he wouldn’t take any of it back.

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