Grey is my favourite colour

Ok so I guess sucky me and all that nonsense, but forgive me if I am too tired/annoyed/busy to be updating all the time. I suck, it’s ok, I have heard I am pretty good at it 😉

So where to begin? The move is in the planning phase, we have ordered furniture for delivery the day of the move. I am living with the hope that this will run smoothly. We have a few people to help, more are always welcome though, beer and pizza for helpers when it’s all done

Life with my mother seems somewhat less tense with the MIL gone. Speaking of which, I happened to answer D’s phone when she called last night, man, even her voice grates me now. As much as she is going to be my mother in law, after everything that has happened, I cannot bring myself to feel anything more than tolerance for her. Don’t get me wrong, her offspring rocks my world, her on the other hand, meh.

Work is so so, a job ad came out the other day for a post I seriously considered applying for. After much deliberation I chose not to. Firstly because I feel I have stuff to prove/accomplish in my present role before moving on and secondly because, well we want another baby, I should be pregnant before this year is over if all goes according to plan, and frankly, that is not a great idea if you have just started a new job. So for 2011, I am pretty much sticking around where I am, while growing my own business and being all focused on family and what not.

D is now running his own business as well, selling gadgets and IT related goods. The prices he quotes are freaking low, like super low, so please feel free to drop me an email lynstep (at) gmail (dot) com for any enquiries. I believe this is going to work out well for him.

We have also decided, after much thought, that we want to be married. Read that again. We want to be married, not we want a big fancy pants wedding, we want to make a legal and forever like commitment to each other. A wedding is not really an option right now, we cannot justify the expense and honestly, who would we be doing it for? We are not about big gestures and flashy parties, we, us, our little family, we live in the detail, we treasure the little things. We may elope to some beautiful coastal town and get married on a beach or just say our vows at a tiny ceremony with only our nearest and dearest, but a wedding as such, will have to wait. Also, neither of us are particularly close to our families so who would we be spending the money for exactly? I would rather keep this about the fact that we want to be married, that we want to spend our lives together. As opposed to creating debt, stressing, freaking out and generally being consumed by one day. It is a personal choice, and one I am at peace with.

There are some things this week that have annoyed the crap out of me check my twitter @getting_by for the general idea. But looking back it was a fairly good week.

The Squish is totally obsessed with the car and going bye-bye and also he loves his ducks (bath toys) and walks around saying quack quack, which sounds like kak kak, constantly, that child makes me smile, constantly.

 The princess seems to be reliving her terrible twos, like the first time wasn’t bad enough. In the two weeks she has been at school she has already had break detention. Too much of an individual for her own good I guess.

Monster, well, despite having issues with doing homework when he is supposed to, he is good. Seems unlike his mommy he is a sports super star and has made the athletics team after coming first in ALL his races. *proud*

For now things are not great, but they certainly aren’t as awful as they have been, think we’ll live in the grey for a little.


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