Tonight is the night when two become one :)

I love that I used Spice Girls lyrics for this entry’s title.  I love that I can embrace that I was once *obesessed* with the Spice Girls and actually turned out fair normal.  Yay me!

So tonight is the last night, hopefully for good, that D’s mother will be around.  Tomorrow she moves to start a new job and a new life.  I am happy for her, for this opportunity she has.  But I am stoked for us.  For the fact that the unholy alliance between our mothers will come to an end, or at least have a 500km distance to hinder their evilness.  YAY!!!

The move happens in t minus 42 days.  That is a lot of days to be around my mother but I will survive goddammit, and when we move I may be compelled to run around whooping like a possesed person for the joy that is sure to abound.

Life with D will hopefully get a little better now that we have one less mother to meddle.  For all that is holy and good and stuff, please, please can we go back to having sex more than once a week?  PLEASE?!!

Am currently looking also for a new nanny, this is tiresome and not my bestest idea of fun.  Interviews and telephone calls and the like are hard, it is so hard to interview someone who you intend to have around 24/4.  I feel like there is a lot of undue pressure to choose the perfect person tobe with my kids.  It. Is.  Fucking.  Hard.

Work is much of a muchness, same shit and all that.  I have however booked a wedding in April which should be super fun.  I love doing make-up, it really is getting paid to do something that I have in fact done for free for many years.  I love to see people’s reaction when they see the transformation.  It makes me happy 🙂

For now, off to another weekend of trying to keep the peace.  Am glad one war maker is leaving and I have a countdown until we move.  Watch my happiness levels as we get closer.

More on the mother’s reaction to said news later, you will not believe that one I tell ya.

But until the dawn of a new day, I bid thee, faithfull reader, adieu.


One thought on “Tonight is the night when two become one :)

  1. I have no idea how you actually cope living with a mother AND a mother in law!!!!!!!!!!

    I lived with my mom for 4 years – with no hubby/bf – just the kids – we nearly killed each other!

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