Lucky legs 11—-> I always wanted to say that :)

The weekend was way too short, I know so many people say this so often but really when you factor a three hour nap on a Sunday afternoon in, a weekend really is not a long time.

We went to the Velskoen Drive In on Friday night, it was awesome, much flash backs to childhood.  We only managed to stay through the first movie, The Tourist, with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, which was really very good.  By the time it ended, it was quarter to ten, the kids were all fast asleep and we still had an hour or so to drive to get home.  At R70.00 a car it really is a reasonable outing for a good price specially if you plan ahead and pack snacks.

Saturday we ran errands, which has got to be my worst pas time ever.  Patience is not my strong suite.  Add that I had cramps and was bloated and just wanted to die on the couch for a while and imagine how much fun this was for D, poor guy.  Anyhoo, on our way into a particular shopping centre to go to CAN we pass a pet store, “Look at the puppy, “ yells Monster, “He looks just like Spud.”  Now Spud is my doggy who I loved very, very much and I was heart broken when he was stolen, I cried and posted notices and checked with vets and SPCAs etc everywhere.  So after a saw this puppy and he did in fact look just like Spud, I HAD to have him, and after much pouting and sulking and almost crying D gave in and bought him for me.  YAY!!!  So now we have a new little boy by the name of Aries (D named him btw) and he is a bundle of wiggle and puppy breath and makes me super happy.

The mother has been in an oddly good mood of late, she has even managed a few pleasantries and what not so not all bad.  I have as yet, not told her we are moving out.  Am waiting for the right moment.

The MIL is again pissed off with me and frankly I could not care less if I tried.  At some point she will need to accept that Squish is not only D’s child and that I am in fact his mother.  She cannot try and give D instructions on MY child by bypassing or avoiding me.  I had a good go at her yesterday cos Squish was having a tantrum and bumped his mouth during and started crying.  He was bleeding but in the not too serious self inflicted kind of way.  I was trying to deal with the tantrum and was not going to allow a little blood to defeat the lesson here.  So I cleaned his mouth and put him in his cot to cool off.  The Mil tells D to go pick him up and comfort him cos he is sore.  I lost it, totally.  Told her he is only sore cos he was throwing a tantrum and NOONE will pick him up.  She has been ignoring me since.  I could not give a fuck.  That is all.

Work appears to be back in full swing which is both good and bad.  I feel as though I am living in limbo right now, waiting for March, waiting for the move, waiting to be able to live.  I know I am losing what is happening now, what matters and just how great here and now is or could be.  I just cannot reconcile

present situations with happiness I intend to become a total ray of sunshine once we move, until then just existence and apprehension is about as good as it is going to get.

I have been eating non stop and have yet to go back to gym L  Next week it will change, monthlies will be over I will no longer feel inclined to kill for chocolate.  Then gym and water will sustain me to skinniness.

I have also decided I am keeping my hair dark, it looks better and is closer to what is natural, no more hi lights and such for me thanks.

I don’t make resolutions but I know for sure that this year we will get married, be it in court or some elaborate affair, we will start to make a dent in our debt and buy a new car, we will eat better exercise more and end this year healthier and we will live for us and our children and not for anyone or anything else.

So 2011, you ready to be taken from behind then?


One thought on “Lucky legs 11—-> I always wanted to say that :)

  1. I am also becoming a ray of sunshine if it KILLS ME!

    I have a few goals – no resolutions though – my main goal is to stop eating like a plague of locusts! I suspect I may be the reason our groceries ran out this month!

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