They tried to steal my mother’s car this afternoon. Its not funny. I am smiling.

Let me give you a wee bit of background here. With all the fights etc that have been going on, she has taken to rather spitefully getting lunch each day for her my brother and D’s mom, she NEVER gets for D or the kids who are at home as well. Spiteful, childish behavior. They tried to steal her car while she, D’s mom and my brother were out to lunch having left D and my kids at home to sort for themselves. Can anyone say karma?

I know my response now may well be childish too, but forgive me I live between a rock (D’s mom) and a hard place (my mom and brother). My sanity left with the sun some time ago and is only due to return when we move at the beginning of march.

Work has been quiet today but this is the first time I am actually even attempting to blog. My mind is so full of things I need to get off my chest and out of my head. For now I am trying, ever so hard, to keep my head above water.

That’s it for today me thinks, more tomorrow!


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