And another one….

New year, sadly, same shit as always.

My sister, the older one, seems to have been reading my blog, let us all take a moment, and tell her nicely, if she is reading this, to please redirect her browsing, this is MY space, not intended for you, so please just go away.  She went on to show my mother, and to put it mildly the shit has hit the fan.

According to my mother, I have been on a rampage to tell all and sundry what an evil bitch she is.  Let me take a moment here.  First and most importantly, this blog is anonymous, not many people who read it actually know who I even am in the real world, I don’t use real names, I protect the privacy of those in my life.  So the mother with whom I have so many issues, any of you know her?  Is she now walking around branded with the words bad mother?  I think not.  Also, had anyone taken the time to really read my post where she is mentioned, it is hardly all bad.

Irrespective, it is my blog, about how I FEEL, not once did I claim this to be totally factual, of course there is another side to the story, if my words are so horrible please feel free to write your own blog where you can blame me and call me names.  Frankly, this is cheaper and easier than therapy, and to my mind more effective.

For the last time, if you don’t like it, DON”T FUCKING READ IT!!! No one invited you to anyway.

Anyhoo, on the other things now.  My life has been nothing but constant fights over the last month and a half.  Screaming matches with both my mother and my mother in law.  Awful words, harsh accusations, name calling, mud slinging and general nastiness from all sides.  I am now done, I will only fight for what matters, for D and for my kids and for our life and our family, I am switching off to everything else.

I am tired of fighting, tired of being blamed and tired of accepting the blame.  Yes I said some awful, hurtful things but I am not the only one, so why am I the only one worse off for it?

Oi, pity party alert.  I will NOT let this get me down!  This will be the year I will turn things around for myself.  I will work hard for the right reasons, and at the end of this year I will look back on this and see it as the kick up the ass I needed to get motivated.

I was going to delete this blog in light of recent events but have decided against it in the end.  Screw the haters frankly!

From here on up, up and awaaaaaaay!!!


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