Day 11 → Something people seem to compliment you the most on.

Well if we were to go with a purely physical compliment it would be my eyes or my boobs or possibly my hair.

I have unusual eyes, in that they are hazel, but more brown when I am angry and very much more green when I am sad and have a dark blue ring that becomes more prominent when I am happy.  Weird, but true.

Boobs are obvious, when they get to a certain size they get attention, this has gotten my both into and out of a lot of trouble, but a very common compliment I get, oddly enough I get a lot of compliments from women.  They do not believe I have breastfed three babies.  Which cannot be a bad thing.

Hair is obvious.  I have long hair, half way down my back, I take damn good care of it and it is kind of hard to miss.

On a more the stuff I do or who I am type compliments.  I apparently have a way with people.  I am a fantastic speaker and have a good voice.  I am also constantly complimented on my ability to get stuff done, to give my all and my generosity has been noted.

I guess there are two schools of thought on who I am.  If I don’t like you, you are likely to think I am a sarcastic bitch who is snooty and full of crap. But.  If I like you, you will most likely find I am incredibly generous with time and stuff as well.

Life is just too short to pretend I guess.


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