On madness, early mornings and needing to win.

So, like a complete moron, I let my cell phone battery run flat while at gym on Tuesday evening.  Get home all traaa laaa laa laa laa, like absolutely nothing in the world could ever get me down. 

I pull into the driveway, get out of the car to open the gate, wonder briefly why D’s car isn’t there and my brother is at the gate, “Don’t pull in.”, he says, “You have to go to the hospital.” Instantly my blood ran cold.

Turns out monster had been stung by a bee, and had a rather serious allergic reaction, chest spasms, hives, swelling and all.  He spent the night in the hospital under observation for fear of a secondary reaction, and although his chest is still a bit tight, he seems fine now.  For future reference, the kid must avoid bees at all costs!  He has been stung before, but never had a reaction, so it could honestly happen to anyone, at any time.

Anyhoo.  I got up extra early this am, and put my little plan into action.  I am doing my very best to get as many referrals for GirlGuides, so I can win the Vivienne Tam Netbook. 


Let is never be said that I didn’t try!  I even forgot my lunch at home in the haste to leave the house.  So like seriously, if I don’t win, I reserve the right to cry, nay, sob and snot like a child who has just been told Santa doesn’t exist.

This prize could totally change my life, I could write my book and stop making excuses.  I can set up my business and get bust with making shit happen.

*crossing fingers and toes now*


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