Day 6——> Something you hope you never have to do

Well in all fairness I have done many things in my life I had hoped never to have to do yet now I wouldn’t take a single thing back as each of those things has brought me to here and to this.

I think I would like to avoid the obvious here and not say I never want to lose someone I love, certainly NOONE wants that, like ever?

The thing I most want to never have to do, is to be a burden to my children. Now I have given myself good chance here, since when I am 80, my eldest child will be 63, haha, so hardly young enough to be saddled with changing his aged mother’s nappies. But seriously. I want to let my children have their own lives and their own families and to never have to support me be it physically, emotionally or financially.

I want to be the fun granny the grandkids want to visit, the one who secretly smokes dope and knits the coolest jerseys. I NEVER want my children to feel responsible for me in any way, they are my responsibility, I chose to bring them into this world, and so am tasked with giving them the very best of what they need to become functioning and well adjusted adults who can go on and do the same for their own families.

I would sooner swallow every pill a geriatric would possess before I allowed my children to feed, bath or clean me. I want particularly them, to remember me with dignity as opposed to my death being a weight lifted off their shoulders


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