I need to win dammit!

Ok so I don’t wanna be one of those sucky losers who uses their back story to get the “sympathy vote” or anything, but seriously, really, I need the Lenovo s10-2 netbook, like not it would be nicer than what I have, but I need it ok?

See the sad story, and it is sad, my Lenovo Think Pad, though she was a little older, was the centre of my world, and with the promise of something a little newer and a little prettier for my birthday, she was sold.  I literally cried, that there laptop had so many of my tears on her its a wonder she still worked.  That laptop is the ONLY link to sanity I had while living in CT.  Often my only link to the people I needed.

Needless to say, D lost his job, there was no money for a replacement.  We have three kids, he has only just started working again, my car just cost me R8000.00 to repair, which I had to borrow, bye bye 13th cheque 😦  So in all fairness, at this rate, I should have a new link to sanity around this time next year cos that is how long it’d take me to pay for it myself.

Sadness is 😦

This is why I need to win.  Please Girlguides, imagine being without your most prized posession.  I promise to give her a great home and to give her lots of attention, and love her like my 4th child 🙂


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