Day 2——-> Something I love about myself

Hmmmm, this is not an easy post, not by a long shot.  I am my own worst enemy and my most harsh critic.

I think what I love most about myself is my capacity for understanding, love, acceptance and forgiveness. 

It takes a whole heck of a lot to actually make me angry, like a lot a lot.  In all fairness I get irritated, I swear, I curse, I have HECTIC road rage most days, and may or may not be in danger of being arrested for knocking down a pedestrian, as I no longer am willing to slam brakes to avoid hitting them, but in general, I am a calm, pretty easy going person.

I don’t trust easily, but when a person gets past my sarcastic exterior, there is very little I would not do for them.  I am the kind of friend who doesn’t get upset when you cancel our plans at the last minute, I  totally “get it.”

I forgive easily though I seldom forget.  I give a lot, sometimes until it hurts and expect very little if anything at all in return.  I am a great listener, and am always willing and ready to dispense some objective advice.  I do not buy into stereo types, I seldom if ever take things at face value, and I do my very best to see the good in people.

I may come across as naïve a lot, but in all honesty, I am ok with that, cos when my cynical self comes out, man does she comes out!

I have lost enough to know that life is short, and I do not intend to waste my journey be angry or resentful.  I am stringing together moments of epic awesomeness, so when I am 80 and senile, I can rock myself gently and smile while watching the reruns.


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