Day 1—-> Something you hate about yourself

Wow.  Only one thing eh?

I hate that I am horribly self conscious.  I HATE being in photographs, and always think I look like a fat pudding in them.

I manage, to always find the beauty in everyone else, no matter how attractive they are or are not.  They may have really pretty eyes or beautiful hands, something, about everyone, is beautiful.

I cannot see the beauty within myself.

I am carrying all the lumps, bumps and jiggly bits that come with having three kids, and where some would see these things as a badge of honour, I just see stretch marks and a desperate need for surgical intervention.

I spend so much time on grooming and make up and keeping my hair coloured and styled, yet despite my best efforts, I cannot, for whatever reason be at peace with my appearance.

I talk a good game, and am so good at complimenting others, but the little voice inside my head, tells me constantly, that my reflection is seriously lacking.


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