Hello world, this is me…

This is the rather average face behind the random thoughts and expressions that exist here.

We are off on a break this weekend, a much needed break.  And here’s me battling to even like D right now.  We had a huge argument last night, today I left my ring at home and am having a hard time feeling the warm and squishies 😦

I know its not supposed to be easy, but does it really have to be THIS hard?

In other news, doesn’t look like Durban will happen, which just means it was never meant to be.  D has had a few promising interviews, so hopefull;y his unemployed status will soon change, for the better.

Work is ok, living with the mother and the siblings is a challenge, life seems exhausting right now and I have decided to join the gym.  Figure I may as well use my frustrations for good.

Right now, in my mind, I am lying on a white sandy beach and Johnny Depp serving me ice cold margaritas, ignore the glazed look in my eyes, for now I am in my happy place.


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