Yes please!!!!

It would appear that life is back on a bit of un upswing, HOORAY!!!!  D went for an interview this morning, and he says it went quite well J  The two positions he could potentially be placed in are at a slightly lower basic salary, but hey he would still get company car and petrol, so it’s not bad at all.

I also, after much though and imagination, have decided it is time to use my expertise to make some extra cash, goodness knows we could use it right now!  So since I am an *expert* on beauty I am going to host a ladies’ breakfast, where each lady brings along her own make-up bag and will be taught how to use what she has to create a new look and to maximize the beauty she was born with.  Call me soppy, but I honestly believe ALL women are beautiful.

Included will be a lovely table stocked with yummy munchies and coffee and tea and juice etc.  Then we will have a number of beauty and health type people around to offer advice and their details for order of products etc, ps great opportunity to market your stuff if you’re into beauty and smellies and stuff, and then we’ll workshop the make-up, where everyone will be given tips and advice on how to make themselves look awesome, also tips on how to use just a few products to create a number of looks.  Each person will get a nice gift for attending and your ticket numbers will be entered into a raffle to win some super great prizes.  All in all, a day for the ladies.  I need to work out costs, then will make tickets available etc.  I am pretty sure we’ll fill 30 chairs without hassle, and possibly do well enough to do this more regularly.  YAY!!!

Now I just need to get down to the logistics of it all, happy times and much planning ahead J


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